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Many of the people you will meet portray Clan Chiefs, Military Officers, members of the Peerage (Dukes, Earls, Lords), Gentlemen, Ladies, and of course, Royalty. These people were cap-a-pie different from everyone else. Remember this is 1745 Europe and some people were better then others (a bitter pill for many of us to swallow.)

You are required to act appropriately when any of these people are in your presence, speaking to you, or in your camp. Conversations and activities should cease when they arrive. You should stand when they arrive and then follow the appropriate kneeling/bowing guidelines provided below. You should offer them a chair and/or sustenance. These courtesies are required. Protocol is something which can add so much to the character of the event without a great investment of time or energy.

His Royal Highness Charles Edward Stuart; Prince of Wales, Prince Regent, Commander-in-Chief, is addressed as: “Your Highness”, or “Your Royal Highness”. He is not “Your Majesty” (that is his father), nor “Your Grace” (that is a Duke), or “Eminence” (religious use), or “Lordship” (lesser peerage.) For the Prince, men must remove their hats and everyone above the salt should bow and those below the salt should kneel. Do not speak unless spoken to. If offered, take his hand and kiss over it.

High ranking Jacobites and members of his personal staff may, privately, address him as “Prince Regent”, or “My Prince”. [As a term of familiarity by a few Clans who claimed Royal descent themselves, Prince Charles might have been referred to as “Your Grace” in order that they not appear to have surrendered any potential royal claims.]

Dukes are addressed as “Your Grace”. For Dukes, men should lift their bonnets and everyone should bow slightly. (If he is your Duke, i.e. landlord, kneel.) Speak when spoken to.

Earls, Lords, and other members of the Peerage are addressed “My Lord”, or “Lord______” (fill in name or title.) For this group, touching or lifting the bonnet is appropriate. A slight bow is good. Speak when spoken to.

Gentlemen, Ladies, Clan Chiefs, and Officers, should be addressed as “Sir”, “Sir “ (fill in name or title), or “Capt.- Maj.-Col. “ (fill in name). A Lady is “Lady ” (fill in name.) For this group it is best to wait until you are spoken to.

When in doubt about protocol, remember too much is better then not enough. Do not be offended by the marmoreal appearance of the Peers. If you don’t know what to do, act humble, mumble, say “sir” a lot, look down, and wait.

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