Information, Suggestions, and Guidelines for Jacobite
Living History Participants




Clan chiefs should be treated with the respect they deserve. They are responsible for the lives and livelihoods of their Clansmen. While everyone out with the Clan wasn’t necessarily myrmidons, they at least recognized the power and authority of their Chief. Chiefs need to assure that all pertinent information is relayed to their Clan (including this document.) Clan men and women should provide their Chiefs the help and support necessary to make the weekend an enjoyable one for all. Remember, Clan Chiefs will be supplying manpower for various tasks in and around the Royal Headquarters.

Each Clan shall share the honor and privilege of providing service and protection to the Royal Household. Clans should be prepared to provide gate guards and runners, as well as standard bearers and pickets for the Prince’s travels. Clans are asked to assign these honors to the best men that they have as a way of recognizing the outstanding men of the Clan. Saturday and Sunday will be divided into shifts and assignments made on Saturday morning. Clans with pipers are also going to be allowed to share in the honor of providing Royal Pipers. This also will be scheduled. The finest pipers will have the honor of piping his Highness into battle.

Chiefs are encouraged to plan a Clan review, a protocol education session, an historical overview, or maybe a question and answer session for the men and women of their Clan. A variety of people have volunteered to provide these activities. All of us should take the opportunity the weekend provides to learn, advance our craft, share research, and help one another fulfill the event’s potential.


Please pay close attention to your Clan Chief, Military Commander, or the Prince Regent whenever they are addressing the participants. This is especially important when instructions are being given to the ranks, and when we are on the battlefield.

This is not a free-for-all. We are re-enacting specific incidents and that requires all of us to coordinate our efforts. The few safety problems we have had are directly related to individuals not getting pertinent information. The level of professionalism we display also bears directly upon our ability to attract quality units for the Hanoverian side, and our ability to find appropriate sites for the event. Outside of your camp, please keep in mind the gravity and importance of the events we strive to recreate. There is not an “opt-out” alternative. Your participation is required throughout the weekend.

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