Information, Suggestions, and Guidelines for Jacobite
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Items for Sale
Cameras and Modern Conveniences
Tobacco and Smoking
Food and Drink
Music and Instruments
Lion Rampant Flag and Clan Signs




Items brought to this event to be sold, whether by merchants or individuals in camps, must be appropriate to mid 18th Century Western Europe. Please do not sell any North American materials like Native American, Voyager, or buck skinner goods. Make sure animal pelts, clothing, and any accouterments brought to sell are consistent with the theme of the event.

Exceptions include: books and recorded music related to Scottish history or heritage, weapons which would have been considered antiques in 1745 (things too early to be used at the event, like two hand swords or longbows), flintlocks up to circa 1820, and machine sewn clothing. Please only sell items in the market area during market times. If you have any questions, please ask.


If you are one of the many people who like to take pictures or video tape of the events in which you are a participant, please feel free to do so. Keep in mind where you are and what is going on. Be discreet and unobtrusive when filming. Disguise your equipment at all times. Do not ask for posed pictures while people are occupied with other activities. Please ask before you take pictures for anything other than personal use. No cameras are allowed on the battlefields beyond official or pre-approved cameramen.

Keep all modern conveniences disguised or hidden. Coolers, plastic storage boxes, modern appliances, gun cleaning equipment, modern wash basins, drinks (cans, bottles, water containers), and anything else from after 1746 must be out of sight at all times.


Do not smoke cigarettes in the encampment, on the battlefield, or public areas at any time. If you smoke cigarettes, do so out of sight. Remember we are guests on the property so be careful with cigarette butts. Clay pipes are fine in camp, not in ranks. Cigars will pass muster only at the very top end of the socioeconomic scale as they were expensive.

Outside the occasional pipe bowl at home or in a tavern, smoking tobacco was not in great use. Snuff (the up-your-nose type, not the cheek-and-gum type) was also used. Chewing tobacco was not in use. For safety reasons NO SMOKING is permitted on the battlefield or anywhere that gunpowder is in close proximity.


You are not limited to the foods and beverages common to the Jacobites. You should consider food and drink at least known in the 18th Century. In a bowl or mug almost anything will pass muster. Remember the diet of Highlanders in the period was primarily oats, dairy products, eggs, bread, some fish, shellfish, beef , chicken, or root vegetables, and little else. Please do not feed members of the public. Drink containers have been an authenticity problem in the past. The consumption of alcohol may be dependent upon site regulations. We should all strive to avoid a state of crapulous oblivion.


Because many pipe tunes are difficult to date, bagpipers need leeway in their music selection. Pipers are asked to limit their repertoire to tunes played in this time period, or to those tunes of a generic nature which have the style and sound of the 18th Century. Unfortunately, “Scotland the Brave” and other favorites are, by their style or subject, modern compositions and unacceptable. Modern bagpipes themselves are acceptable.

All musical instruments in camp should be appropriate for 18th Century Western Europe. Please remember that most Jacobite songs were written after the Rising. No Celtic drums are to be played on the battlefield, march, or camp. These drums are inappropriate for 18th Century Scotland. The Saturday night Ceilidh is exempt (to a degree) from the guidelines on instruments. They should however, be modern versions of the instruments known to the region and time period. Please remember the theme of the weekend when choosing your songs and material.


Do not fly or display the Royal Standard, commonly known as the Rampant Lion Flag. This flag, even to this day, is reserved for the use of the Sovereign or their duly appointed representative. We are also telling vendors not to sell or display the Lion Rampant Flag. Clan flags or banners are great oriflammes but need to be of an authentic material and something similar to a historical design. Clan name signs are not appropriate.

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