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Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we need to remember the heritage and history for which we have gathered to preserve, promote and present. The relationship which has been established between this event’s participants and the National Trust for Scotland is an outstanding honor for us all.

The funds raised at 1745 Jacobite Rebellion events, combined with donations by living historians throughout the year, have done much to preserve the sites of the ‘45. Turf wall and plant restoration (by the grazing of purchased sheep) have taken place at the Culloden Battlefield. Repairs and new plantings have been done at the Glenfinnan Monument. All these activities and many more are part of what we are helping to accomplish through the National Trust for Scotland and its North American partner, Scottish Heritage USA.

We encourage all participants: Jacobite, Hanoverian, French, Irish, Lowland Scot, Vendors and Merchants, to help in making this an event which is a credit to us all. We hope all of you will take part in the fund raising which goes on for The National Trust for Scotland/Scottish Heritage USA. Donations to this project are tax deductible, and will be accepted throughout the weekend (and all year round) by the Life Guards and the other members of MacFarlanes’ Company.


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