MacFarlane Makes Haggis

MacFarlane Makes Haggis

Watch MacFarlane and Bob the sheep tell how to make haggis, at Saline Celtic Festival 2011:

(Youtube video by SalineMilanPatch, 5:26)

Watch MacFarlane and Bob the sheep tell how to make haggis, at Niagara Celtic Festival 2011:

(Youtube video by ScribbleAndScabble, 15:18)

No actual sheep are injured in these demonstrations.

Want to make your own haggis? Here is Elliot MacFarlane's recipe:

Take the parts of the sheep that the rich people didn't eat. Throw the entrails (intestines) to the dogs, you won't eat them. Carefully wash the stomach in cold salt water, being careful not to tear it, it will be the pan the haggis cooks in. (You won't eat it either.) Tie one end of the stomach closed. Clean and chop the liver, lights (lungs) and heart. These three pieces together are the "pluck", the best edible innards. Mix the chopped meat with a couple chopped onions for flavor, some oats for filling, and some suet (beef fat) to bind it all together. Carefully stuff the mixture into the clean stomach, tie off the second end, fold the ends under and tie together. Steam the whole thing in a big pot until its cooked through. It will swell as it cooks, into a nice moist pudding. Cut through the stomach and fold it back, spoon out the cooked haggis. You can serve it with a nice whiskey sauce, which will make anything edible.

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