The units and Clan organizations that participate at the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion are organized around the basic principle that people doing living history can do a credible job, maintain an acceptable level of authenticity, AND have a very good time while they do it. 
We have discovered, as many others have, that it is no tougher to make a credible presentation then it is to make a bad one.  After five years of Jacobite Rebellion events, and all the effort that went into them, another discovery has been made.  Most of the faux pas which plague living history events are little things which keep the event from having the look and feel intended.  The good news is that these little things are usually the result of a misunderstanding or a lack of information. At this point we have enough information to support a high standard for participants.
This event tries to recreate not only a specific period in time, but the look, feel, and accurate portrayal of the people in that period.  All of us who participate have an obligation to present ourselves with as much historical accuracy as possible.   Many fine 18th Century Living History portrayals are being done which, good as they are, do not fit the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion weekend.  If you are doing a character that doesn’t fit this event, please contact us and we will work with you to adapt your character and accouterments.  Within the 1745 framework, we are always looking for new ideas and characters.  The roles of many actual participants have yet to be filled, including some not Scottish or Highland.
This is a 24 hour event; you should go into character on Friday night and come out on Sunday night.  Remember that it is a 24 hour event when you are conversing in camp, the ranks or in public areas.  This situation always draws a lot of comment each year at event reviews.  Of special concern are public discussions about: current Scottish/UK politics, addle minded would-be descendants of Bonnie Prince Charlie, gun control/laws, and what is or isn’t politically correct.  If it came after 1746,  it is not germane to the event’s public activities.  Consider what Highland troops would have talked about as they stood awaiting review by their Sovereign Lord.  Think about their conversations as they waited to go into battle, or what women said as they met on the village green.  A 24 hour event also means your participation may be necessary at ANY time during that period.  We remain at the call of our superiors.
All participants are encouraged to develop their characters on an individual basis.  Explore all aspects of 18th Century Scotland and present yourself in a way unique to your interests.  Consider the guidelines this document, and your unit, provides as words of experience and a list of pitfalls to avoid.  Please remember the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion event is not like a “rendezvous” weekend.  All those who attend  are, within the framework of their character and abilities,  expected to participate fully in the event.  Please do not come if you plan a weekend sitting in camp.