We now have five years of experience and learning available to us, derived from the previous 1745 Jacobite Rebellion events. Each year we have made incremental changes and adaptations.  This event has advanced in five years, especially with no umbrella organization.  We should look to the future of the event in the light of what we have accomplished and what we have yet to do.
The clothing and dress of the Highland re-enactors is another area where there has been significant change.  Supported by historical documentation,  three distinct classes of people are emerging in the Clans, each with different clothing and equipment requirements. The time has come, based upon our experience, to now be even more professional in our portrayals.  Veteran participants are required to adhere to the guidelines found in this document. Five years is plenty of time to prepare.
After the first event more and more people began doing portrayals of actual participants in the ‘45.  As more re-enactors do the extensive research required to present real people, the entire event benefits from their efforts.   Actual meetings and conversations are now able to be re-created.  This addition has had a very positive impact on the event and continues to grow.  The event cannot support any units or individuals who are not actively participating, or who are not portraying groups known to have been involved in the Jacobite Rebellion either as distinct individuals or as composite characters.
Each year has seen a marked increase in side activities during the weekend.  Clans and individuals have taken on the responsibility to  research and develop new ideas for camp life, social functions, characterizations, Clan activities, historical scenarios, and Highland life.  Spring and Fall events have spun off from the success of the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion weekend, and the characters developed for the Jacobite Rebellion have been presented at other sites, and at other established events. 
As the Jacobite Rebellion event has grown, new groups have lined up to participate on the Jacobite side,  so many in fact that we have not been able to accommodated them. New units are being invited to replace those whose participation has waned, or units who have chosen not to raise their standards of participation as the event has progressed.  Working to improve the event, not remaining static, allays concerns for the pejorative.
The 1745 Jacobite Rebellion event has a long history and a recent past.  We cannot rest upon our laurels any more then those we honor could have rested upon theirs.  Five years worth of your comments, praise, concerns, and suggestions, have been taken into consideration for this package.  The material in this document specifically addresses the issues and ideas you provided. 
It is a credit to us all that such a high level of event stewardship exists within our ranks.